London N7

Project Size: 73 000 sq ft

Status: In Planning

43 Brewery Road’s current use is as a storage warehouse. A tired 1950’s industrial building with little architectural presence. The intention is for the building to retain its use as a storage warehouse for the foreseeable future. The proposal is two fold to expand the storage capacity of the building and to enhance and upgrade the existing façades.

The most prominent facade facing Brewery Rd does not clearly indicate how the building functions. The building is split into two sections with a stairwell dividing up the facade. The main entrance is situated to the far right as you face the facade. We wish to combine the building to ensure it reads as one entity, clearly indicate the main entrance and show the outside world what the use of the building is.

As the building will enjoy a major refurbishment and a new lease of life, we want to ensure that the building demonstrates good quality architectural design that describes the use of the building in a modern way.