London NW6

Project Size: 7500 sq ft

Construction Period: 56 weeks

Completed: January 2011

A refurbishment of a five storey Victorian property included a loft conversion, ground floor rear extension and extensive basement enlargement to incorporate a cinema, pool and spa area. Every room in linked to the cubist gallery lightwell, using colour on the rear walls and within translucent glass walled rooms colour, is allowed to bleed into the atrium space. Originally a tired run down 4500 sq ft detached house was converted into a very generous 7000 sq ft single family dwelling. 

The backdrop to the house was to be a simple and light open house that generated a sense of space. Each room would then have a feature to highlight the space. A pallet of natural and rich, deep coloured fabrics helped ground and contrast against the light airy space. The mechanical and electrical solution utilises the latest modern technology to make this house a carbon neutral property through the use of a heat recovery system from energy generated from the pool area and the gas fire places placed around the house.